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Hi, I am Emily, and I am thrilled you found my blog. If you are looking to hear some uncensored tales of parenting, this is the right mom blog for you.  I eat, sleep, and breath sarcastic mom humor.

A little about me.  I wear many different hats.  Obviously, my favorite is a mother.  But, I am not just any mother, I am a hockey mom. That makes me a coffee connoisseur—early morning practices can be tough to get to.  But, hockey moms are intense, and we can battle the early morning storms like no other.

I am also a middle school English teacher.  People ask me why I chose middle school.  My first answer is because that’s the only place they take crazy.  But, aside from loving chaos and uncontrollable teen angst, I find that middle school is the right balance of kid and adult.  They want to be mature, but they aren’t quite there.  Neither am I (probably why I have a sarcastic mom blog), so we are a great fit.

I started blogging to pay three hockey bills, and it has turned into a passion (that still doesn’t pay the hockey bill).

I am a mother of 3.  We have a blended family.  I made the mistake that many girls make, and I married my high school sweetheart (again, another great reason for a humorous mom blog). When he learned that I wasn’t going to baby him as his mommy did, he skipped town and left me with my 18-month-old, John.

I am long over the bitter divorcee days (although I was quite the bitch during that time).  But, now as far as I am concerned, I got the better end of the deal.  I got an awesome kid who I don’t have to share, and he’s got an amazing step dad who loves him as his own.

I’ve since remarried to William, and we have two young kids, Emma and Will Jr.  So, total, we have three children, 13, 6, 4. All three of them play hockey, so we are on the go quite a bit.

In addition to hockey momming, coffee drinking, teaching, and the daily workload that comes with raising kids, I am a dog lover and big-time animal advocate.

If you are interested in reaching out or working together, I’d love to hear from you.  You can reach me at emily@onthejobmom.com .


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