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7 Reasons Hockey Families Should Not Be DIYers

Written by Emily Erson

All hockey families are different.  My hockey family has a DIYer. And, it’s great. We save a ton of money on projects around the house, but nothing ever gets done. The reason? We are also a hockey family, with 3 skaters on 5 different teams. And, my husband coaches two of them.

Consequently, we live in the land of almost.

Case and point.

My Hockey Family is Too Busy to be Bothered with Minor Details

Three years ago, we needed a new shed. My husband almost put it up entirely on our property. It was about 15 feet over the line. So, naturally, the neighbor wanted it moved.

When he moved it, he almost put it all back together. There’s just a giant ramp laying in the middle of the yard. According to him; it will only take like 20 minutes to finish. He just needs to get some topsoil.

Not sure why we don’t get some topsoil and finish up? Oh yeah, because we are at the ice rink. And, we almost have extra time.

My Hockey Family Has No Time to Finish What It Starts

We did manage to move all of the junk out of our basement and into the almost finished shed. Which was great, but it triggered a huge domino effect. An empty basement apparently means it needs to be finished. I was unaware of this logic.

Two years later, he’s almost done with the trim down there. The reason it’s not done? He’s coaching hockey and doesn’t have time.

My Hockey Family Cannot Budget Time–It’s not Possible

Ok. He’s a good dad, and he’s involved with his kids. I’ve got nothing to complain about. Except he decided to start painting all of the kids’ bedrooms and the entryway because “It should only take two days.”

You know those miracle weekends that are rare and you don’t have to be anywhere? Yeah, I don’t either–because they almost exist.

But, my husband is really good at thinking he can squeeze in a few odd jobs around practices.

I am just going to try to wrap my head around this. There is no time to finish trim in the basement, but there are two days to take on an extensive painting project between hockey practices?

Honestly, there’s no better time to start tearing apart all of the kids’ bedrooms when the basement is almost done, and the shed is almost done, and hockey season started and you coach two teams.

My Hockey Family Cannot Clean Up When We are Finished–There’s No Time Left

At this point, all of the kids’ rooms have a fresh coat of paint, and they are almost put back together. Just curtain rods, curtains, and some decorations need to be hung on the wall. And, it’s been 14 days, not 2.

Now, I can do all of that finish work, but I can’t find the tools because he almost put them away.

They made it to the garage, on a shelf, buried under everything else that he needs to use to finish what he’s got started.

His rationale for not putting them away, “I am not wasting time putting things away when we have to use them again to get done.”

Interpretation—let’s waste time looking for tools instead finishing what’s almost done.

Balancing it All is Impossible

So, with all kids’ rooms torn apart, a basement almost finished, a shed almost put back together after almost being put on our property, there’s no better time to paint the upstairs hallway, stairway, and entry ways.

I mean of all things to paint, there’s nothing easier than painting a stair way. Those high ceiling and unleveled surfaces for ladders are a big ball of excitement. And, since there’s nothing else going on, might as well start something hard.

The good news is we finished painting it all, and we almost got all of the tape taken down from the ceiling. Again, I would do it, but he tore the scaffolding down (it’s in the garage almost put away), and I can’t reach the ceiling—so white ceilings with blue tape it is.

Something Always Breaks

To add to all the chaos, our headboard snapped (get your head out of the gutter, I have 3 kids and 5 hockey bills, there’s no time). So, we needed to buy new bedroom furniture, which we can almost afford. All 5 hockey bills are just a few months salary anyway. Might as well buy some new furniture.

And, since we are going to empty out the room, then we need to paint it. I mean, we’ve got nothing else on our plates.

The furniture will be here in two weeks. That gives us two weeks to finish our room. Except if we are tearing apart the bedroom, we should unquestionably remodel the bathroom in the bedroom—so that’s torn apart, too.

And, we are only off the ice 2 nights in the next two weeks.

The List Never Ends

Right now, our list of things to do looks like this:

  • Coach two hockey teams.
  • Get 3 kids to and from practice for 5 teams.
  • Find the necessary tools in the garage.
  • Finish painting the bedroom before furniture comes. There will likely be something left undone.
  • Finish bathroom so we can use it for that all important hygiene requirement. Hockey players smell. They need a working shower. Again, something will likely be left undone.
  • Finish putting the ramp up for the shed.
  • Finish trim in the basement.
  • Hang the kids’ curtains and pictures.
  • Figure out how to levitate in the air to remove the tape from the ceiling.

With a list of projects this long started and not finished, my husband says to me, “I think I am going to put in an inground pool.” It’s fall in Western PA, and it’s hockey season. So yes, digging a pool right now seems like the most logical DIY project I can think of.

I don’t know if we just don’t DIY the right way. But, as far as I am concerned, as long as my kids are playing hockey, I am hiring contractors. Anyone know a good one?

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I am a full-time teacher, mother, driver of children, cooker of dinner, washer of laundry, sayer of whatever is on my mind and hockey mom extraordinaire. In my free time --like that exists--I blog in order to vent the frustration that comes with raising 3 kids. My mantra, blogging and ranting are better than a drinking problem.

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