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7 Classy NHL Moments

Written by Emily Erson

What does it take to make one of those classy NHL moments?  A lot more than sportsmanship on the ice, that’s for sure!

When we think about the NHL’s most profound, iconic moments, we think of moments on the ice.  There is Bobby Orr’s flying OT goal to win it all in 1970.  Who can forget Ovechkin and Crosby’s dueling hat-tricks? Auston Matthews scoring four goals in his NHL debut is also a game to remember.  And, what about Daryl Sitter sneaking ten goals past Boston’s David Reece?

classy NHL moments

It’s these types of moments that solidify our NHL heroes as these larger-than-life titans. But it is often their actions off the ice and in the community, that remind us of the people behind the player.

With the holiday season right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to showcase the stars on the ice that make an impact on kids year-round!  It’s these types of actions carried out by people who grew up playing a game that fostered a mindset of giving back that makes me proud to be a hockey mom.

classy NHL moments

These are seven of my favorite moments of NHL players reaching out to kids and other people in their communities.  These guys do fantastic things that remind me why I love this game and the people that play it.

Classy NHL Moments #1: Boston Bruins players dress up as Disney ‘Frozen’ characters

a visit to the Boston’s Children’s Hospital before Halloween, six players from the Boston Bruins decided to dress up as their favorite Frozen characters. A visit from a pro hockey player is reason enough to smile. But, stick Dougie Hamilton, a towering, 6-foot-5 defenseman, into Elsa’s blue dress and blonde wig, and you’ve got the recipe for an outrageous time.

This was part of Boston’s annual reverse trick-or-treat hospital visit where players are known for dressing up. Their costumes had a ‘Star Wars’ theme this year.

Classy NHL Moments #2: Sidney Crosby takes Stanley Cup home for hospital tour

Sidney Crosby’s home ice may be in Pittsburgh, but he’s a Nova Scotia native. And, he’s still very much ingrained in that community. Coming off the latest Stanley Cup win in 2016, Crosby made it a point to bring the trophy back home with him.  He got to share it with the community that made him who he is. He brought it to a Halifax hospital, where he met with three-year-old Harper Saunders.

classy NHL moments

Crosby and the Cup also made it to a retirement home for veterans and some other places in the community. He is an excellent example of a player that has one foot in both the city he plays for and the city that raised him.

Classy NHL Moments #3: Chicago Blackhawks #WhatsYourGoal Initiative

The Chicago Blackhawks created the #WhatsYourGoal campaign across their social media accounts.  They intended to connect players with fans and make an impact in the Chicago community. Thousands of submissions rolled in overnight, and the campaign has fulfilled several “goals.” Emilie needed a little help babysitting Ben. And, Alexis, a young girl scout, wanted to sell her favorite Blackhawks player, Jonathan Toews, some cookies and many more.

Classy NHL Moments #4: P.K. Subban’s Helping Hand Fund

At game time, fans know P.K. Subban as an incredible defenceman that never seems to fail in coming up big for his team. Off the ice, he has a reputation for his infectious smile and being one of the most charitable players in the game. Before being traded by the Montreal Canadiens, he made a staggering $10 million donation to the city’s children’s hospital. The hospital and Subban entered a partnership that helped create the P.K.’s Helping Hand Fund. The fund supports financially burdened families by assisting with medical expenses.

Classy NHL Moments #5: Try Hockey For Free Day

While technically an initiative of USA Hockey, Try Hockey For Free Day is vastly supported by the NHL. It takes place in March and is hosted by ice rinks across the country. Rinks supply the equipment (and the ice) to anyone between the ages of 4 of and 9 to participate in drills and instructions. Several NHL stars visit some of the 450 rinks across the country that host a Try Hockey For Free Day event. It’s a great way to bring the game to kids who have never stepped foot on the ice before.

Classy NHL Moments #6: Chicago Blackhawks Players Declare Official Blackhawks Rinks

Scott Darling and Ryan Hartman grew up in Chicago and know all too well the struggle of trying to find a place to hone hockey skills. They’d play hockey wherever they could, “driveway, basement, garage, alley, backyard, mom’s kitchen.” They took to the streets of Chicago to find some of these “rinks,” meet the kids that call them home ice and declare them Official Blackhawks Rinks. This small effort undoubtedly had a profound effect on the young players they met.

Classy NHL Moments #7: Jeremy Roenick and the Jack Jablonski Fund

Despite being out of the game for about eight seasons now, Jeremy Roenick is still a household hockey name. Known for being a bit of a loud mouth, Roenick always took the time to acknowledge fans, sign autographs and the like. Throughout his time on the ice and after, Roenick got involved with a number of different charities and fundraising opportunities.

One case that stuck with Roenick was Jack Jablonski, a teenage hockey player that became paralyzed after a hard hit from behind. Roenick took quick interest and flew out to meet Jablonski. The two became fast friends and have hosted charity events together, been on the radio and more. Roenick and Jablonski’s connection speaks volumes to the character of both men.

Classy NHL Moments Bonus: Jeremy Roenick and Gordie Howe

classy NHL moments

I came across this story while doing some Jeremy Roenick fact-checking. The story was the reasoning behind why Roenick always took that extra time out for fans. He grew up in Connecticut and would attend Hartford Whalers’ games. During a game, legendary Gordie Howe scooped a pile of shaved ice off the ground and tossed it over the glass, landing on Roenick’s young head. Howe skated off, but not before flashing kid-Roenick a smile and a wink.

In Roenick’s words:

classy NHL moments

“I thought it was the coolest thing that ever happened in my whole life. It took three seconds. It was me, Gordie Howe and no one else… That moment stuck with me for years and years and years. It was little, it was small and it took nothing out of his power or time, but it resonated with me my whole life. So, as a player, as I got older, I tried to reach out to fans, reach out to kids whether on the ice or on the street or in a restaurant. I try to do little things where i can make the same impression on a young child that Gordie Howe made on me. That’s a gift that was given to me. And I made sure I did it, every, single day.”


Roenick’s sentiments regarding his incident with Gordie Howe show the considerable impact that these seemingly-small moments can have on a young kid. There’s little doubt that all of the moments on this list will stay with everyone involved and will be lifelong lessons in charity and community.


Did I miss a moment that you think deserves to be showcased?  Please share it with me in the comments.

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