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10 Items that Make a Hockey Mom Christmas List

Written by Emily Erson

Finally, a hockey mom Christmas list that covers every nuance of being a hockey mom.

Ever see those carefree and happy families out and about during the holidays? We hockey moms like to call those people, “not hockey families.” While time during the holidays is a hot commodity for everyone, it’s increasingly hard for hockey moms.

It becomes frustrating to watch other moms walk around with their Christmas shopping done. It becomes increasingly hard when you know they’ve found every miserable hard to find toy, game, or gadget.

I am kinda of ashamed to admit this, but these happy-have-it-all-together-moms are need of a high sticking right in their perfect faces (relax, I am joking). But that isn’t in the spirit of the season, is it? It’s the time of year when we’re supposed to pretend all these stress-induced, negative feelings don’t exist.

In all honesty, it’s no one’s fault by my own that my life is a juggling act, and misplaced wishes for violence is probably not that answer.

But, I’ll tell you what is—making a Christmas list tailored for hockey moms who are in the same boat as me–no time, disorganized, and stressed out.


So, here you have it, a hockey mom Christmas list.

Hockey Mom Christmas List 1: A Virtual Assistant

There are schedules to juggle, TeamSnap updates to respond to, travel accommodations to make, shopping to do, and much, much more! So, in my opinion, number one on hockey mom Christmas list is a virtual assistant.

For a few bucks a week, you can hire someone to help you juggle your schedule. A VA can respond to emails, sync calendars, set up iCal updates, order groceries and shop online, and do just about anything that can be done remotely. That leaves you
with taxiing the crew to the rink.

Of course, a VA comes at a hefty price. So, it is likely not possible. But, don’t worry, there are a few other ideas on the hockey mom Christmas list that can help lighten the load.

Hockey Mom Christmas List 2: USB Charger Bracelet

Coming in second on the hockey mom’s Christmas list is the USB Charger Bracelet. Without a virtual assistant to take care of getting everyone’s schedule to sync, you have to rely on technology. That means, it cannot die on you. Otherwise, you will not get where you need to be. For this reason, you should consider getting a charger bracelet.

Not only does it look fashionable, but it can also beneficial! When mom stays on the grid, kids get to the rink on time. Just make sure you pick a design that complements your taste.

You may feel like you need to be plugged in to get some energy.
But, you don’t want to walk around looking like you have a cord attached to your arm.

Hockey Mom Christmas List 3: Hockey Mom Gear

You can never go wrong with a hockey mom hoodie! Stop by Hockey Mom’s Unite, and check out the HUGE selection of hockey mom-themed shirts. If you are a subtle hockey mom, no worries, there are all kinds of choices.

hockey mom tributes

If you are a cowbell ringing, ref yelling, “stick on the ice” screaming type, don’t fret. There are plenty of hockey mom shirts to choose from.

Hockey Mom Christmas List 4: Travel Bag

With so many hockey mom-themed bags, it was hard to decide which one should make the hockey mom Christmas list. But, Café Press’s messenger bag has landed a spot. The reason—it’s different than the rest. Who wants to be the same when you can shine, right?

Ok, can the feel-good talk, and let’s get down to the simple facts. It’s a messenger bag, so you can sling it over your shoulder and not worry about it slipping off. You know what that means? More hands to juggle the rest of the kids’ stuff! Whoever thought of this knew what hockey moms deal with, and designed a bag to handle it all.

Hockey Mom Christmas List 5: Tile

When you are rushing to get out of the house so you can get your kids where they need to be, it’s inevitable that you lose your keys or your purse. The solution to this is simple—a tile. This blue tooth activated location tool is a lifesaver for busy hockey moms.

Just attach a tile to something you frequently lose (think men and TV remotes). Then, let the Tile take care of the rest. Simply put, the Tile makes keeping track of your things much more straightforward. It’s no personal assistant, but it’s technology’s answer to helping out busy hockey moms.

Hockey Mom Christmas List  6: Chatbooks.com Subscription

I would love it if my kids did this for me. Seriously. I would like to have some scrapbooks of my kids playing hockey. But, who has time for that? With Chatbooks, you don’t need time.

The company directly takes your pictures from Facebook and Instagram, along with the captions and creates scrapbooks for you. When you have 60 photos in the book, they email you, and you can order your album! Viola! And the best part is they have a mobile app too.

Hockey moms need simplicity, and Chatbooks has found a way to give it to us!

Hockey Mom Christmas List  7: Candle Warmer

Who has time to clean when running is the weekend itinerary? Not me, that’s for sure! The answer is simple, get a candle warmer and some Hockey Mom Raging Candle Company puck tarts. And no, the tarts don’t smell like hockey.

In fact, you can personalize them with your player’s number and scents that you love. If you would prefer, you can also add some breakaway melts instead. Grab a six-pack of wax melts, drop them in your candle warmer, and freshen up your house.

You may not have time to clean, but at least you can have a house that doesn’t smell like a hockey bag.

Hockey Mom Christmas List  8: Crockpot Express

Hey hockey mom, travel much? I love being on the road for hockey games, but honestly, I hate eating out. First of all, who can afford it with all of the other costs associated with this game? And, who has time? I swear by my Crockpot Express.

You can do pretty much anything with the Crock Pot Express. Need to brown some meat and make some sloppy joes in the hotel room? No problem. Want to throw in some pork and have pulled pork sandwiches after the game? Drop it in the Crock Pot Express.

The bottom line is that the Crockpot Express makes eating on the road simple! And, if anyone can use a taste of simple, it’s a hockey mom.

Hockey Mom Christmas List 9: Yeti Mug

This is a go-to gift that should rank somewhere at the top of the hockey mom Christmas list! We are up early every weekend. We are out late several times a week. And, all of these crazy travel hours lead us to freezing, cold ice rinks.

Yes, Yeti mugs are expensive. But, they should be a staple for anyone whose hours are as odd as ours and whose destinations are consistently cold venues!

Hockey Mom Christmas List 10: Essential Oil Soaps

We all know we need a place to escape. And, if you’re lucky and your skater is older, you can seek solitude in the bathroom. If your kids are still young, then you know that locking the door to the bathroom is cue for drama to erupt.

But, if you can get away for a few “me” minutes, try some essential oils bath soaps. I love these scents from Lathering Lotus–especially the lavender scent. It really does help me calm down after a day of going full speed in 50 different directions. There are several of different essential oil blends that are ideal for busy hockey moms.

There you have it. My hockey mom Christmas list—minus the wine.

If you smile and pretend hard enough, soon all you will need to get through the holidays is a vast amount of wine and hard liquor.

Then and only then will all the sweet yet grossly misplaced therapeutic violence targeted at all those fine people who have their shit together will dissipate. Until then, “celly” the season with a stiff drink and a list of what you need to make relaxation a reality!

What’s on your hockey mom Christmas list this year? Share in the comments.  We can all use some ideas to make our lives simpler.

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