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How to Create the Perfect Hockey Accessory Stocking for Under $50

Written by Emily Erson

Don’t you love being a hockey mom during the holidays?  I mean, we already have so much free time, a leisurely stroll through the mall while sipping on a latté and munching an Auntie Anne’s before practice is nothing.  Wait, sorry, I was trapped in that dream where I had free time for a second.  The reality is, holiday shopping for hockey moms is hell!

We already have to be in 75 places at once at the most inconvenient times.  So, hitting a crowded mall that is chockfull of morons makes for a great start to a busy day!

Every year, my kids’ stocking is a last-minute panic attack for me. I spend a ton of time trying to juggle, hockey, shopping, wrapping, baking, and working only to glare over to the mantle and realize, “Shit, I forgot to stuff the stocking.”

Not this year!


This year I met the stocking head on and decided it was going with a hockey-themed stocking.  I was going to go practical on my little red nemesis, and I was going to do it all ONLINE!  Ha!  No malls, no big box stores, and no empty stocking!  Winning!

Not only am I going to make sure that my kids’ hockey bags are full of those necessary essentials that I am always running to the pro shop to get, I am going to knock out stuffing the stocking at the same time.

Here you have it, my practical and easy, hockey-themed stocking that my kids will love.

#1 Hockey Mom Stocking Stuffer: Sniper Skin

I love Sniper Skins.  I got my oldest one, and he personalized it with his name and number.

Practical reasons for choosing this hockey accessory…

I am adding Sniper Skins to my hockey accessory stocking for several reasons.

The biggest complaint I hear from my son after a game is that his stick is flopping around in his hands, especially when sweat and moisture get inside the gripping. Sniper Skins, on the other hand, locks into place, even if you use it on the blade of a hockey stick. Thus, your player won’t have to worry about losing the integrity of their grip.

In addition, Sniper Skins help preserve the life of your skaters’ gloves because tape wears away the palms. Every Sniper Skin comes with a number of different grip options. This grip is unique because it fits to a stick by applying boiling water to the Sniper Skin, which causes it to shrink around the handle or blade of the stick.

The grip options come in the form of different sized rings and foam tape that you can position underneath the Sniper Skin. When you apply the water and the grip shrinks, it locks these into places.

Why my kids will see my choice of hockey accessory as fun instead of practical…

 A lot of our players have their own unique, cool ways to tape their sticks to stand out with different colors and patterns. Sniper Skins come in 9 different colors and have 3 different patterns to choose from.

There’s even a cool patriotic pattern! That’s 27 different combinations to pick from, so any player will find a style they like.

You can further customize the grip by monogramming your player’s name, jersey number, and even a team logo.  So, it’s customized for my kids, and they get their favorite colors!  Fun win!

Total Cost: $12.99 + $5 if you want it personalized!

#2 Hockey Mom Stocking Stuffer: Branded Green Biscuit

 It’s my little skaters that will love this hockey accessory.  Green Biscuits are a known hockey accessory to many hockey moms.  They are designed to mimic a puck on the ice when kids practice on the street, in the garage, or in the basement.

Practical Reasons for choosing this hockey accessory….

My little kids practice all the time in the garage and in the driveway with a hockey ball. But, when they get on the ice, they still struggle because the ball they are practicing with is not a puck.  If they use a real puck, it flips over all the time, and they don’t get the practice they need.

Enter Green Biscuit.  These sticking handling tools were designed to be an off-ice sticking handling hockey accessory.

The puck is built from two pieces of plastic separated by a rubber spacer.  The rubber helps to reduce friction that causes regular pucks to flip over when they are used on rough surfaces. So, kids can practice their stickhandling using a hockey accessory that feels like a puck.

Why My Kids will see my choice of hockey accessory as fun instead of practical…

This line of Green Biscuits can be branded with your team’s logo.  You can also choose from a variety of colors.  So, your Green Biscuit becomes another cool piece of hockey flare that boasts pride in your skaters’ teams.

hockey mom tributes

Choose from: black, red, yellow, green, or blue.  Then send in your team’s logo, agree that you have the permission to use the logo, and wait for 7-10 for it to arrive.

Total Cost: $21.99.

#3 Hockey Mom Stocking Stuffer: Jack’s Hockey Wax

 When I first started in the hockey mom game, I had no clue why my skater would need a tin of hockey wax in his bag.  I thought it was just another thing I needed to tack on to the growing list of hockey “stuff”.  But, the more I hung around the rink, the more I began to see why this hockey accessory is important.

Practical Reasons for choosing this hockey accessory…

Hockey wax keeps the blade of the stick from getting wet.   If you notice, the blade of the stick is always taped.  This is to help with puck control.  So, when the tape gets saturated with water from the snow on the ice, puck control gets challenging.  Enter the need for hockey wax.  Wax helps to create a waterproofing over the tape, thus increasing the ability to control the puck.

Why My Kids will see my choice of hockey accessory as fun instead of practical…

It comes in a cute monkey tin, and it smells like banana.  Enough said!

Total Cost: $5.50

A Hockey Mom’s Practical, Stuffed Stocking

There you have it.  I’ve created the perfect hockey accessory stocking for $45.48.  Everything I choose to go in the stocking will not only save me money running to the pro shop for last minute hockey accessories like tape and wax.  They will help my kids’ equipment—especially their gloves and sticks, last longer.  That’s a huge win for me!

The best part, my kids will love them because the Sniper Skins will be personalized with their names and numbers.  The Green Biscuits will be branded with their team logo, and their hockey wax will come in a cool looking monkey tin and it will smell like the beach.

So, this year, when that stocking glares at me from across the room, I can smile quietly and know that I kicked stocking butt this year!



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