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[Infographic] 13 Common Hand Signals for Hockey Moms

Written by Emily Erson

You asked, so here it is!  A few weeks back, I published a piece about hockey rules for hockey moms.  And, many of you said it would great to see the referee signals that went with the rules.   So here you have it, “13 Common Referee Signals for Hockey Moms.”

Bring up hockey officials and you are likely to get a long diatribe about bad calls. It’s the nature of the being hockey mom.  We have a love-hate relationship with the men and women in stripes.  When the calls are going our way, they are great.  But, when our team has to take a trip to the sin bin, watch out for the heckling from the stands.

This game goes so fast. And, when a kid on your team gets tossed in the box, it’s easy to find yourself wondering, “What did he do?  Why is he in there?”  In fact, I think that not knowing why calls are made are a large reason that so much chirping happens among hockey moms from opposing teams.  Think about it, how many times do you find yourself asking, “What just happened?”

I can think of like 6 in the last game I watched.

Knowing the rules is important.  First of all, it can spare you a lot of embarrassment when you accidentally holler something out.  We’ve all had those moments where we embarrass ourselves.  One easy way to make sure those lapses in judgment don’t happen too often is to understand the communication the officials are passing along–those hand signals.


Yet, one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from youth hockey fans, hockey moms especially (because this is who I talk to most), is that they don’t know what the refs are telling them.  So, I designed this infographic to show 13 common referee signals for hockey moms.  It’s a cheat sheet for any member of your hockey family.

13 Common Referee Signals for Hockey Moms

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I am a full-time teacher, mother, driver of children, cooker of dinner, washer of laundry, sayer of whatever is on my mind and hockey mom extraordinaire. In my free time --like that exists--I blog in order to vent the frustration that comes with raising 3 kids. My mantra, blogging and ranting are better than a drinking problem.

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