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14 Ways to Dry and Hang Your Hockey Gear

Written by Emily Erson

I love that my kids play hockey! But the equipment is a giant pain. Not only is the smell enough to evacuate an entire building, but it’s big and bulky and always in the way. This is why it’s important to find a way to dry and hang your hockey gear.

dry and hang your hockey gear

From the pads to the stick and down to the skates, a hockey player has more gear to deal with than athletes of other sports. Finding ways to organize that equipment and store it is a constant struggle for young hockey players (and their parents).

By developing a convenient way to dry and hang your hockey gear, you’ll ensure that your son or daughter never show up to a game or practice missing so much as a sweatband. Their equipment will always be stored out of harm’s way and having their hockey set on display will even look cool.

dry and hang your hockey gear

Here are 14 ways to organize your hockey gear. Hopefully, these ideas spark some of your own.

1. Dry and Hang Your Hockey Gear with a Pegboard and Hooks

dry and hang your hockey gear

Since the dawn of organization, mankind has relied on pegboards and hooks, whether it’s the garage, the basement, a shed, even a kitchen. While some of the other options on this list may be a little more creative, there’s nothing quite like the classics. The bonus of pegboard organization is it can be used for other things. So, when you put away the skates for the off-season or your son or daughter hangs them up for good, you have valuable organization space for future endeavors.

2. Recycled Hockey Stick Rack to Dry and Hang Your Hockey Gear

dry and hang your hockey gear

One of the most common ways to store hockey gear is on a drying stand. Not only does this method help air equipment out after a game, but it also transforms your hockey gear into a suit of armor. The recycled hockey stick drying rack uses broken and old hockey sticks (something most youth hockey players have in spades) and repurposes them into a no-cost gear organizer.

3. Recycled Hockey Stick Drying Rack

dry and hang your hockey gear

Alternatively, instead of a gear stand, you can also make a complete drying rack out of old hockey sticks like this Pinterester. The beauty of this method is you can not only dry and hang your hockey gear on it, but it can also serve as a standard clothes drying rack during the off-season. No one will question your hockey mom dedication with a drying rack made from old sticks!

4. PVC  Pipe Gear Stand

dry and hang your hockey gear

This is an excellent alternative to the recycled hockey stick drying rack. Regarding design, it’s almost identical, but the materials being used differs. PVC piping is cheap and can be fit together without any tools or hardware. This means you save money, time and frustration when you dry and organize your hockey gear this way. You can adjust the pipes to accommodate new equipment or a fresh configuration.

5. PVC Pipe Equipment Tree

dry and hang your hockey gear

Instead of the more traditional drying stand, you could arrange your PVC pipes into an equipment tree pattern. This tactic may be better suited for players with lots of gear, like a goalie. The tree uses various platforms or shelves to hang or store any piece of equipment. The PVC tree is also sturdier. So, if you find your equipment stand is always falling over, this may be a good alternative.

6. Pallet Hockey Stick Corall

dry and hang your hockey gear

Some of the best organization methods involve repurposing old or junk materials. Wood pallets are very common; Go to any big box store, and they undoubtedly have a few out back that they’ll let you take. If you find one in good enough shape, turning it on its side will transform it into a hockey stick holder that won’t use up a lot of garage space.

7. Wooden Locker Room Stall

dry and hang your hockey gear

There’s no other way to live as a hockey player than to have your very own locker room style stall, just like the professional players do. You can slap one together with a few pieces of wood; add on some pegs or hooks to hang gear from and presto. If you make your own, you can customize it any way you wish, so you know it will house all of the gear you need it to.

8. Professionally Made Locker Room Stall

dry and hang your hockey gear

If there are no would-be woodworkers up to the task of making a wooden locker room stall, there are some companies that make them. This route costs more money, but you know you are getting a sturdy, great-looking way to dry and organize your hockey gear. Depending on which company you go through, they likely will have multiple different style options to choose from.

9. Milk Crate and PVC Hanging Gear Racks

dry and hang your hockey gear

This Pinterester put together an equipment hanging and drying wall rack with a few simple items. You may already have these materials laying around your house: milk crates, PVC piping, simple hardware. The crates are mounted to the wall and pipes are slid through the holes to create a number of different hanging racks. This hockey gear organization solution is excellent in tight garages or laundry rooms, where there isn’t a lot of floor room for a locker or drying stand.

10. Metal Closet Racks and Shelving

dry and hang your hockey gear

If you’ve ever re-organized a closet space, you might be familiar with ClosetMaid and other companies that sell inexpensive organizing units. These work great to dry and hang your hockey gear in a garage, basement or laundry room. They install easily, include all the hardware you need and have a number of different options to choose from to customize how you store, hang and display the equipment.

11. Hockey Sanitization Cabinet System

dry and hang your hockey gear

For the real anti-germ mom (or for an overly sweaty son or daughter), you can invest in a sanitizing cabinet for hockey equipment. This is the most expensive solution and takes up a generous amount of space, so be careful if you have a garage or basement that is already packed to the ceiling. The cabinet plugs in and uses UV light to eradicate bacteria, germs and any other nasty microbes that might be clinging to the sweaty equipment. It will come out of the cabinet fresh and clean every time.

12. Large Plastic Storage Cabinets

dry and hang your hockey gear

This is a less expensive alternative to the sanitization cabinet. Obviously, you don’t get the germ-fighting technology, but you can get these at a lot of big box stores or hardware stores. They aren’t the most attractive thing to look at, but they offer a lot of storage and are easier to move around than big wood cabinets or stalls. One warning of advice, make sure you dry any gear before you store it. Otherwise, your plastic cabinet could start to smell and become a condemnable biohazard.

13. Hockey Tape Holder

dry and hang your hockey gear

Think for a minute about how many rolls of hockey tape are in your home right now. If the answer is upwards of five, which it most likely is, then this solution may help you consolidate the mess. Using a paper towel holder, you can put a number of different tape roles all in one place and display them nicely.

14. Ikea Bookshelf Conversion

dry and hang your hockey gear

Ikea is known for selling inexpensive furniture and home goods. They have a number of different bookshelves and storage pieces that can easily be converted into a great way to organize hockey gear with some hooks and other add-ons. Because of Ikea’s low prices, you won’t break the bank putting this one together.


dry and hang your hockey gear

No matter which of these storage options you choose from, both you and your young hockey player will enjoy having that mess of equipment organized, stored and displayed correctly. They’ll get to enjoy cleaner gear that doesn’t smell like last away game, and you get a cleaner household.

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