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10 Best Hotel Door Signs for Hockey Moms

Written by Emily Erson

The best hotel door signs for hockey moms that I’ve seen on Pinterest.

Hockey moms are a naturally competitive breed.  If I had to make an educated guess, I would say that’s what makes us the best sports moms around.  We are so competitive that we compete with each other when we travel.

hockey mom

When we are on the road, we not only go the rinks to watch our kids compete, we go back to the hotel and compete with each other.  My favorite competition is the hotel door signs.

As you know, I am not a Pinterest mom.  And, the creativity that comes with these signs makes me feel exceptionally inadequate in the hockey mom category.  But I must give credit where credit is due.

These are my favorite hotel door signs in no particular order.

Best Hotel Door Signs for Hockey Moms #1: The Jersey

hockey mom


This is a classic door sign.  Put your skater’s jersey complete with his/her name and number on the door.  I love the way that the jersey is tied up with skate laces.

Best Hotel Door Signs for Hockey Moms #2: Sticks and Pucks

hockey mom


This one can be a little expensive because you need plastic hockey sticks.  But, it sure does say, “Hey, my hockey momming budget is bigger than your hockey momming budget.”  Like any of us have a budget—our kids play hockey.  Regardless, it’s super creative.

Best Hotel Door Signs for Hockey Moms #3: The Skate

hockey mom

This is another classic.  But, it has the potential to rally the creative troops.  Notice the real laces, and the metallic paper to highlight the blade.  How do people have time to do this between running to the rink, working, and raising a family?

Best Hotel Door Signs for Hockey Moms #4: The Number

hockey mom

This is another one that has to take a ton of time—unless you have one of those number stamps.  I like the detail work with the skater silhouettes.

Best Hotel Door Signs for Hockey Moms #5: The Door Hanger

hockey mom

Another exceptional design—no need to worry about tape.  The kids can still find their friends to wreak havoc in the hotels.

Best Hotel Door Sings for Hockey Moms #6: The Logo

Boast your team’s brand.  Let people know who you are and where you come from with the logo sign.  This is another epic Pinterest design that I couldn’t pull off if I had a week of uninterrupted downtime (likely because I’d procrastinate and binge on Netflix).

Best Hotel Door Signs for Hockey Moms #7:  Sticks and Puck

There’s nothing like taking that classic hockey sticks and pucks and adding some detail to showcase your players.  And Pinterest has once again captured the creativity that hockey moms have.  Honestly, if I was charged with this task, I can promise you that nothing would be straight and the sticks would look like they were all splintered.

Best Hotel Door Signs for Hockey Moms #8: Strung Up with a Skate Lace

I love how this Pinterest author used the idea of a skate lace to string things together.  Check out how each part of the sign has its own design.  This is a super cool way to incorporate the team’s  name, the kid’s name, and a hockey accessory into a way to brag about kids.

Best Hotel Door Sign for Hockey Moms #9:  The Rink

A simple whiteboard and some puffy paint, and you’ve got the perfect way to let the kids know where they can find their teammates in the hotel.  These signs are right up my alley because you can buy them on etsy.  Simply take them down, and give them to the team mom and use them again the next time you travel.  Environmentally friendly and creative.  That’s what I am talking about.

Best Hotel Door Signs for Hockey Moms #10:  The Pennant


Another Pinterest spin on an old classic–the pennant.  You can’t go wrong giving your kids a pennant to put on their door.  Given, hockey is more of a banner sport than a pennant sport, but the concept of being a champion is still there. The design screams winner.


Best Hotel Door Signs for Hockey Moms: The PG-13 Version

Like I said before, hockey moms have earned a reputation as being a little on the, shall we say, extreme side of youth sports parenting.  We are extreme because hockey is more extreme. You got the weather, the practices at odd hours, and the sport of hockey itself. It isn’t for the faint of heart parents like soccer or football.

But there is one thing that all us moms of the rink can agree on, and that is we keep the youth hockey leagues fun for the kids.

hockey mom

There may be a lot of shouting and occasional use of the FCC’s seven words of horror, but we are a far cry from the drunk baseball and football dads trying to relive their glory days. If we have a problem, we vent it into the vino after the game and away from little ears.

But, as I said before, we are competitive.  I am competitive.  And, I openly admitted my weakness to you—I can’t be artsy and Pinteresty.  Now I have to show my competitive side.  While I can’t make a door sign that shows cute and fun.  I can make a door sign that radiates sarcasm.

hockey mom

Imagine if we could turn those motivational door signs for kids into something that shows a bit more our competitive side?


The Hockey Mom Middle Fingerhockey mom

We all know that we have done it before. It’s when that all too perfect hockey mom for the other team cuts a little too snide when it’s time to say “good game” and head home.

Maybe the other team’s coach who never grasped the concept of good sportsmanship. We’ve all flown this stealth bird under cover of a mitten before. A simple graphics of a  Hockey Mom Middle Finger, and you are good to go. It may keep away room service though.

Referees Wanted

hockey mom

This sign idea came from Pinterest. Any hockey mom who has stood rink-side and nearly pulled out her hair – just after getting it done –  can attest, it more than applies to youth hockey. Youth hockey refs are only human, and they volunteer their time to make the game possible. They deserve our respect. That said, there are some who belong on the ice about as much as tofu on the KFC menu. This is a subtle way to say as much.



Dope Rhymeshockey mom

Another Pinterest favorite of mine. This doesn’t technically apply to hockey moms, but it captures our spirit and the spirit of the game entirely.


Zero Pucks Given

hockey mom

This one comes from my favorite hockey t-shirt company Hockey Moms Unite. Straight, funny, and to the point.  Transfer it to a hotel door sign and you’ve gotten yourself into the game.


Yep. That’s Us Too

hockey mom

This is another Hockey Moms United shirt that would make a great hotel door sign. Take any true hockey mom out of her natural environment, and you will find some of the sweetest, most polite ladies on earth. They are your doctors, teachers, business owners, or the genteel stay at home mom who is always wearing a smile. Get us next to the ice and cheering for our kid though, and then you will see the rage against the machine.


hockey mom

Okay, fellow hockey moms. We all know how important the game and being the force behind our little players is. We place our lives on hold to help get things together, make practices, and drive hours on end to fight with some clueless hotel desk clerk who doesn’t understand how reservations work.

It isn’t a commitment we take lightly or could take lightly if we tried. We aren’t going just to let things go, and sometimes everyone else not in the hockey mom life needs a little reminder of that fact. But instead of the playoffs, it’s for the entire season.

Have a favorite hockey meme that would make us laugh?  Feel free to share in the comments.

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