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A Crash Course in Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms

Written by Emily Erson

Here is a crash course in hockey rules for hockey moms.

I have a second-year bantam. So, hitting has become part of the game. My kid has waited a long time to check, and he loves this nuance of hockey. As a mom, I thought I’d hate hitting. But, honestly, I don’t.

What I do hate is sitting next to that parent in the stands who screams every time her kid gets bumped. You are paying a lot of money to play hockey, not Barbies. It’s a physical game, shut up and let the kids play.

I Wish I Had  Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms Cheat Sheet

Just recently, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a first-year bantam mom who didn’t understand that checking was allowed. The lady needed a box of tissues because she could quit crying about all the “roughing” what was going on. It took every ounce of self-control I had not to pull up the rulebook online and offer her a side of leisure reading to go with her full course of stupid.

When you choose to call out the refs during a game, you better know what you are talking about. In her case, the least she could have known was the real name of the penalty she thought needed to be called.

Remember, Hockey Fans are a Tough Breed

Hockey fans are not afraid to drop the gloves and bicker with you right there in the bleachers. There are some hockey parents who will drop f-bombs at a Pee Wee game without batting an eye. It’s a disgusting behavior, no doubt. But, if you choose to get into the rink with crazy, you best know what you are talking about.

Let’s face it, this isn’t baseball or basketball. The game is physical and intense. As parents, we get personally invested with each shift. But, it’s best to enjoy the intensity and share that with your kids after the game.

Don’t engage in the nuances of the rules with that parent who is 50 shades of crazy while your kid is on the ice. You look just as stupid yelling at him. And, there is a strong likelihood your skater is getting embarrassed while you are bickering with a stranger about what might have been a slash.


Check out these the videos that define and give examples of the rules. So, next time that jackwagon in the stands starts popping off, you can laugh under your breath about how some people just like to hear themselves bitch. Only this time, you will be certain you are right about the call or noncall.


Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #1: Butt Ending

Hitting/jabbing a player with the butt end of the hockey stick.

Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #2: Hitting from Behind

Hitting a player from behind or from an angle that they can’t see and prepare for the hit is both dangerous and illegal.

Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #3: Cross-Checking

Making a check when both hands are still on your stick.

Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #4: Elbowing

Hitting or striking another player with an elbow.

Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #5: Hooking

When a player uses his stick to try and ensnare or slow down another player’s movement by “hooking” them with the stick.

Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #6: Interference

Attacking a player that does not have the puck and is trying to move up the ice or receive a pass is interference. It can also be called if a player deliberately knocks a hockey stick out of an opponent’s hand or prevents them from picking up a dropped stick.

Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #7: Kneeing

Similar to fighting, this one doesn’t need much explaining. A player using their knee to hit a player.

Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #8: Roughing

Roughing can be best described as the behaviors that lead to a fight, like shoving, pushing and even grappling on the ice.

Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #9: Slashing

Hitting or “slashing” a player with the stick to injure them or cause them to stop their progress.

Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #10: Spearing

The dirty cousin of butt ending. Instead of hitting with the butt of the stick, you’re stabbing at another player with the blade of the stick.

Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #11: Tripping

This is another self-explanatory penalty. It occurs when a player uses their stick or body to trip another player.

Hockey Rules for Hockey Moms, Rule #12: Stay Calm and Have Fun

There’s no doubt you will find yourself catching a few calls that the referees missed. After all, they are human, and perfect is boring. Just don’t be that guy or gal in the stands that embarrass your kids. Knowledge is power. So, don’t be stupid.

Have a story about a run in with a crazy hockey parent? I need to hear it. Please share in the comments below. I am always looking for a good laugh at stupid’s expense.

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