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Top 17 DIY Hockey Mom Crafts on Pinterest

Written by Emily Erson

A guide to the most creative and fun crafts for moms and their little hockey stars


Hockey moms are big fans, and their enthusiasm doesn’t stop when they leave the rink.  They rise to the occasion when hockey sticks break, jerseys retire, and pucks want to be remembered.  We all know how short our to-do list is, right? Might as well add crafting to it.


Check out this collection of crafts for all of those hockey moms that can’t bear to merely allow the old hockey gear collect dust in the garage.

Hockey Player Christmas Ornaments

Can’t think of any nifty holidays gifts for the team?  Problem solved!  Print some action shots of the team and make them into hockey puck ornaments.  These are bound to brighten up the Christmas tree and make them feel like real stars.

Hockey Family Holiday Wreath

Say goodbye to the pine needles falling off of your holiday wreaths with these hockey puck wreaths.  Not only will these keep your home cleaner and save you from clean-up time preparing for visiting family, but you will also keep the energy of hockey alive in the spirit of the season.

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Tower of Hockey Mom’s Cupcakes

What is better than a tower of cupcakes?  A hockey tower of cupcakes!  This is your chance to use your little athlete’s old hockey sticks and put them to good use.  Celebrate the big win, a birthday for a teammate, or the start of the season with this hockey inspired cupcake tower that is bound to impress.

The Hockey Mom Table

IKEA is cool, but what’s cooler is making your own end table that doesn’t come with hours worth of instructions.  Build this hockey stick table to impress the whole team.

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Hockey Fan Display Hanger

What better way to put the team’s garb on display than hanging from a hockey stick hanger?  You don’t want to settle for just some hooks on the wall like those other hockey moms.  Take it one step further.


Hockey Homework Lamp

While your hockey superstar is studying hard and staying up late to finish a school assignment, these hockey lamps are proven to illuminate late night homework sessions.  They sure act as a reminder to work hard to play hard!

Hocke Stick Adirondack Chair

It’s summertime, hockey season is months away, and the family is going through withdrawal.  A hockey mom favorite is hockey chairs like this one.  This can even be a family project to have everyone involved!  Sit back, soak up some sun, and it will be hockey season before you know it.

Hockey Stick Curtain Rod

This is probably the easiest hockey craft for every hockey mom that only takes minutes.  Install this hockey curtain rod as a natural finishing touch to the theme or just to get it started!

Hockey Themed Book Shelf

Every hockey mom needs a space to store the endless collection of movies, books, and video games that kids create these days.  Who knows, maybe this will motivate them to keep their collection organized if there are hockey sticks involved…maybe.

Hockey Stick Headboard

After a close game, a victorious win, and a celebration, your little athlete will need a bed to match.  This hockey stick headboard is crucial for the quality sleep a successful athlete deserves.

Hockey Stick Hall Tree

The solution to a floor full of jackets: a hockey coat hanger.  How could the kids forget to hang up their jackets when the coat hanger is made of hockey sticks?  Thank us later.

Hockey Themed Dresser

Continuing with the theme of keeping the house tidy, maybe a hockey dresser is also necessary.  This has got to inspire them to put their clothes away, right?

Hockey Family Mailbox

A true hockey family has a hockey mailbox because we need to let people know why we are not home.  Enough said.

Hockey Jersey Pillows

Whether you have retired jerseys or want to purchase your own fabric, hockey pillows are a top favorite craft for hockey moms.  These are fun and easy, and who doesn’t like pillows?

Hockey Skate Center Pieces

For the adventurous and bold, have you ever thought of repurposing skates by making floral arrangements with them?  Just fit some floral foam in there and design away!  A puck serves as an excellent base to keep it upright as well.

Hockey Mom Bows

Simple bows made out of skate laces like these are a quick and sweet gift that can be given as a pin or magnet to the hard-working team.  Even the boys will like them!

Skate Lace Bracelets

Laces can come in handy for many gifts, and bracelets is another item they can be repurposed as.  Just tie or glue the ends together after slipping the jersey number on it, and you’re done!  Hockey mom win.


Hockey moms are super moms.  Between taxi-ing to practices and games, cooking hot meals after hours in the cold, and being a cheerleader, they always find ways to impress.  These fun hockey mom crafts are surely going to bring the family and the team together as they celebrate the sport all year long.




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