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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Things Your Hockey Bill Covers: It’s More Than Just Ice Time

Written by Emily Erson

When I tell people, my kids play ice hockey, it’s often followed by the comment, “We don’t do hockey, it’s too expensive.”  I always want to respond, “Hmm, I had no idea,” but I save the sarcasm for when it’s needed, and just smile.

If you look at what your kids gain when they play ice hockey, it’s not that expensive.  In fact, it lasts about ten months a year.  So, when you break down the cost of what you are getting for those ten months, it’s a pretty good deal.

1. Life Lessons

In any situation, these don’t come cheap.  The younger you learn them, the better off you are.

2. Goal Setting Skills

This game is all about scoring goals.  Life is all about reaching goals.  See the similarity?

3. A Healthy Lifestyle

For about ten months each year, hockey players are deeply engaged in both aerobic and anaerobic physical activity.  Pair that with a healthy meal plan and your kids’ bodies are literally at the top of their game.

4. How to Take a Hit

Sometimes life deals out some hard hits.  Kids need to learn how to get up after being knocked down.  Hockey teaches them how to do that.

5. Self Esteem

 In today’s bully infested world, kids need to work on their self-esteem.  They need to be able to tune the bullies out.  Hockey helps teach them how to do that.

Next time, someone reminds you of your financial commitment to your kids’ hockey experience, feel free to share this infographic, “5 Things Your Hockey Bill Covers in Addition to Ice Time.”

They’ll quickly see that you are investing in your kids, not a game.


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I am a full-time teacher, mother, driver of children, cooker of dinner, washer of laundry, sayer of whatever is on my mind and hockey mom extraordinaire. In my free time --like that exists--I blog in order to vent the frustration that comes with raising 3 kids. My mantra, blogging and ranting are better than a drinking problem.


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