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6 Ways to Makeup a Hockey Mom

Written by Emily Erson

Last week, we talked about the hats that we needed to keep on hand to do our hockey momming correctly. We have a lot to juggle, and we know we have to dress the part.  But, we also have to look the part.

Which is why this week, we are going to talk about the makeup and products we need to that will go a long way helping us play our part on game days.

Let’s be honest, the faces we make during games are a large part of what helps solidify our reputations. You can’t be at the rink sporting your periorbital puffiness and expect to be taken seriously when things get rough.

You have to look tough to be a hockey mom.

If we don’t take looking the part seriously, those crazy dance moms and their bedazzling tools will step in and take over our bad ass reputation—one that has taken years to build.

Once again, I’ve researched for you, and I’ve compiled a list of the best products for hockey moms to prepare for the work that needs to be done during a game.

Keep in mind, all of the makeup and products are cruelty-free.  It’s best to save the brutality for the ice—not our faces and bodies.  And, we do need to add a touch of sugar to our spicy reputation.

Lathering Lotus Dead Sea Mud Mask



There’s no better product for a hockey mom to prepare her resting bitch face, than a dead sea mud mask.  You know those awkward moments when you accidentally get stuck near a large group of parents from the other team?  You need to make sure your face is screaming, “Be careful what you say…”

The best part about this product is you can do it at night before the game.  No need to get up earlier than you have to.

The dead sea mud mask and its ability to exfoliate and balance that pH will keep you face glowing with a firm warning to the refs as well.  They will know just by the look on your face if they are doing their jobs well.

Dusty Rose Smokey Eye

Hockey moms are busy, and just getting your face washed is a huge accomplishment. Lack of time in the mornings is the reason why a simple approach to getting those eyes ready for their weekend work is essential.

Your eyes have a big job.  They have to shift their emotional appearance frequently.  They need to be able to stare down the refs or the other team’s parents when things aren’t going the way you think they should.  And, your eyes need to light up when your kid’s team does something well.  Their work is crucial to hockey momming.

Thus, the Dusty Rose Smokey Eye.

The cool tones are perfect for the ice rink, and the hint of gold shimmer says don’t mess with me, I will bite back—hard.


Contouring Cheek Bones



Getting your cheek bones just right is crucial in your role as a hockey mom.  Studies show that people make snap judgments about you based on your face.  And, your cheekbones are what guide those judgments.

A pronounced cheekbone makes you appear trustworthy.  If you want to help your team, you need to pronounce those cheek bones.

We all know we need any help we can get from the hometown refs.  If your cheek bones make you look trustworthy, there’s a strong likelihood that they will listen to you when you point out the slashing or tripping calls they miss.

LunatiCK Lipstick


Nothing shows off how tough you are more than pulling out your lipstick and applying it when you are ready to sling words at the ref or at that maniacal parent haunting the bleachers with negativity.  When your lipstick case is shaped like a bullet, it screams you better listen to what is coming out of these glowing yet moisturized lips.

(Side Note: I am dying to comment about Pitbulls and lipstick—bonus if you know why.  But, since I volunteer for many different animal rescue groups, I’ve got my Pitbull facts straight, and I know an angry hockey mom is way scarier than the misguided perception of Pitbull’s.  So, I’ll save the political commentary for Fox News or CNN—whichever you prefer—and stick to lipstick.)

Theater Paint

When you feel the need to get dramatic with the refs, you should consider applying theater makeup.  It’s perfect for any hockey mom who feels the need to set the stage when pointing out bad calls.

It goes great with arm waving in the upward directions to show the refs you’d like an icing call.  But, it’s not limited to puck positioning.  Theater makeup applied correctly can also accentuate the forward moving of the arm for pointing out offside to the line judge.

If dramatics are your preferred method of hockey momming, theater makeup is right up your alley.

Au Naturel Body Mousse

Let’s face it; a 6 am game doesn’t leave much time for getting up and looking your best.  If you are the type of hockey mom who couldn’t care less about anything but your kid, stick with a body mousse.

The au naturel body mousse method is the simplest approach to morning hockey momming, and it works perfectly when it’s accompanied by some strong coffee.   Get up, wash your face, and knock the bags out from under your eyes.

In the extra 5 minutes you have, try the Awaken Body Mousse with peppermint essential oils to help get a jump on what’s to come.

Then, throw on your best hockey mom shirt and a cute hat.

You can spend time looking great later in the day.  During hockey season, your biggest job is being the best fan you can be (and paying the bill).  If you can get to the rink looking better than the bedazzled dance moms, great!  You can carry the weight for the rest of us who roll out of bed, slap on our flare, and battle the roads.

The most important part of the job is showing up, helping the refs and coaches do their jobs, and telling our kids how to play the game from the stands.

They’d be lost without us—regardless of how we look, right?




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