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5 Common Goalie Mom Superstitions

Written by Emily Erson

Goalie mom superstations, whatever do you mean?

Routines are typical in the hockey scene—especially for hockey moms.  We need routines.  Otherwise, we couldn’t juggle everything that needs juggling.  It makes sense then that our routines can become a bit over the top and turn into superstitions.

These superstitions are rarely something we talk about.  Who wants to be judged by a strange hockey mom superstations, right?  But the sad truth is, we honestly do believe that if our hats are not worn at the correct angle on our heads that our kids’ games will suffer.

We see crazy superstitions in the pro’s all the time, too—especially with goaltenders.  Hall of Fame goaltender Ed Belfour genuinely believed that if anyone touched his equipment, he would play poorly.

Colorado Avalanche great, Patrick Roy, freely admitted that he had conversations with his goal posts during games because “They were his friends.”  I guess you can’t blame him for saying thanks when a shot deflected off the post.  But, never the less, he had his superstitions.

Perhaps my favorite goaltender superstation is that of Philadelphia Flyer, Pelle Lindbergh.  Not only did he wear the same orange shirt under his uniform in every game he played in, but he also drank a glass of beer between each period.  As if the beer wasn’t enough, it had to be a Swedish brew, Pripps.  And, it had to have two ice cubes in it, and it had to be served to him by a specific assistant coach.

Goalie Mom Superstitions: We All Have Them

If goalies have these superstitions, they have to get them somewhere.  Might as well blame it on their mothers, right?  Goalie mom superstations are where they all start.  Just ask Sharon Enck, Puck Gal.

Sharon’s shared her hockey mom insight with us before. And, lucky for us, she’s back to make us laugh again.

This time, she talks goalie mom superstitions with us.

It might be where you stand; it might be a hat that you wear.  It might be the sweatshirt that boasts your kid’s name and number. Whatever it is, if you believe it, it must be true!

Check out these goalie mom superstations that Sharon shares with us.

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